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The Steadman Philippon Research Institute is known throughout the world for our research into the causes, prevention and treatment of orthopaedic disorders. We are committed to solving orthopaedic problems that limit an individual's ability to maintain an active life.

Job Summary

The Steadman and Philippon Research Institute offers Research Assistant and Research Fellow internship positions to advance its research mission and to provide a unique opportunity for research participation to future clinicians, scientists, and engineers. 

As a Research Fellow intern in the orthopedic Robotics and Biomechanics lab, the employee will play an integral role in projects from initiation to completion. In the study design phase, the employee will conduct literature reviews to identify unanswered clinical questions, participate in team meetings (with bioengineers and orthopedic surgeons) to design studies and assist with submitting project grants for funding. In the testing phase, the employee will work with orthopedic surgeons to prepare and dissect specimens, and with biomedical engineers to conduct testing. After testing, the employee will help interpret data, write manuscripts, and submit to top-tier orthopedic conferences and journals. Research Fellow interns may also assist with project logistics, such as scheduling test days, acquiring specimens that meet inclusion criteria and managing surgical equipment inventory to ensure we are prepared for testing days. This lab develops and tests new orthopedic surgeries in cadaveric specimens and evaluates their efficacy using state-of-the-art robotic manipulation and sensors.

As a Research Assistant Intern, we may have opportunities in the following departments:
Center of Outcome Based Research (COOR):
Conducts evidence-based, patient-centered, research to aid both physicians and patients in making better and more informed treatment decisions. COOR Research Assistant interns responsibilities include patient contact, research data management and analysis, manuscript writing, and preparing research presentations.

Center for Regenerative and Personalized Medicine (CRPM):  
Utilizes molecular and cellular biology techniques to investigate regenerative medicine strategies to improve the function of musculoskeletal tissues damaged by injury, age, or disease. Our lab focuses on a bench-to-bedside strategy where we perform both basic and clinical research studies with the aim of enhancing the lives of our patients. CRPM Research Assistant interns will work in a semi-independent manner under one of the Program directors and be responsible for performing a wide variety of assays including: cell culture, flow cytometry, microscopy, gene therapy, protein, and gene expression analysis. You will design, plan, conduct, and coordinate experiments to contribute high-quality data for research grants, manuscripts, and presentations in support of various research projects. The position is highly collaborative and will work with the clinical teams in the Steadman Clinic and the Imaging, Robotics, Biomotion, and Clinical Outcomes departments.

The Research Assistant intern provides technical, scientific, and general operational support to Biomedical Engineering research projects. The Research Assistant intern will support many aspects of imaging research activities through various duties including research project planning and design, participant recruitment and scheduling, data acquisition, data processing/analysis, manuscript drafting and submission, and preparation of abstracts/posters/presentations. Specific activities vary by assignment. One significant focus of this position will be on the organization, segmentation, and processing of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data collected as part of several research studies and clinical trials. This position will involve the identification of anatomical structures on images of various joints as well as the skills and knowledge to process the subsequent results for appropriate analysis using software such as MATLAB, Python, or/and Excel.  Will consider a qualified student without a college degree, provided they have some knowledge of anatomy and coding. 


Employment Duration, Start Date and Application Posting

  • Research Fellow Internship 
    • Two openings, extremely competitive.
    • One year duration with start of academic summer annually.
    • Position posted close to the first of November on the “About” tab under “Employment” on the SPRI website, closed when filled.
    • Interviews may start in late December.
  • Research Assistant Internship
    • Approximately ten openings for all three research areas, extremely competitive.
    • One year with start of academic summer annually.
      • Limited shorter opportunities may be available with a three month commitment.
    • Position posted on the “About” tab under “Employment” on the SPRI website close to the middle of January, closed when filled.
    • Initial evaluation of applications typically occurs in February.  However, some positions may be months later depending on when the current intern is leaving. 
    • Initial selection normally finalized in March and April.
  • Other
    • High school and college students or others not eligible for one of the above internship positions, refer to the “Education” tab for other Current programs found on the SPRI website. 
  • Candidates must be eligible to work in the United States.
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