The Steadman Philippon Research Institute is known throughout the world for our research into the causes, prevention and treatment of orthopaedic disorders. We are committed to solving orthopaedic problems that limit an individual's ability to maintain an active life.

Job Summary

SPRI offers short-term and year-long research assistantship (intern) positions to advance its research mission and to provide a unique opportunity for research participation to future clinicians, scientists, and engineers. Research assistants support permanent staff scientists in research tasks including preparing and running experimental lab procedures, conducting literature reviews, compiling research data, preparing presentations, and writing book chapters, case reports and surgical technique papers. Co- authorship is attainable for research assistants according to the same policy that applies to all SPRI researchers (ICMJE guidelines). The SPRI research departments that offer assistantship positions include BME, COOR, CRSM, and Imaging. Generally, these positions begin at the start of the academic summer (May/June, annually).

Application Process

We welcome applications between December 1 to March 31, annually (early and/or late applications will not be considered). Please note that an initial evaluation of current applications will occur on February 1, with corresponding written and/or Skype interviews occurring between February 15-28. Initial selections will be finalized on March 1. If there are remaining openings, a second evaluation of all applications will be conducted on April 1. Note: the Research Assistant role is extremely competitive with only approximately 5 openings, annually, in each research department.

To apply, applicants must submit the following to

  • An updated curriculum vitae (3-page max) with a focus on relevant educational background, relevant work experience, and academic record of peer reviewed publications and grants.
  • We also require a personal statement (2-page max) detailing how you would contribute to a) the specified job and b) core values of research and education at SPRI.

Letters of recommendation are neither required nor requested at this time. Following our internal selection process, only qualified applicants will be contacted for follow-up interviews. The application process and all associated communications will remain confidential.

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