The Linda & Mitch Center for Regenerative and Personalized Medicine (CRPM) was launched in 2015 as the Center for Regenerative Sports Medicine. In 2021, the team’s name was broadened, acknowledging the array of science being conducted in the lab.

Scientists and researchers at CRPM are underway on several research projects, including SPRI’s federally funded clinical trials, preclinical projects and research programs sponsored by philanthropy. CRPM is conducting research supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Defense (DoD), industry and foundation grants and awards. The team employs six full-time PhDs and two full-time MDs, five of whom are principal investigators and program directors for CRPM’s research categories. The team is led by Johnny Huard, PhD, who also serves as SPRI’s Chief Scientific Officer.

CRPM’s scientific programs investigate cellular science and regenerative medicine techniques and therapies. Each program is led by a Principal Investigator, who is a subject matter expert in their program. These programs are:

·      Fracture Repair and Regenerative Therapeutics

·      Muscle Repair and Stem Cell Biology

·      Bone and Cartilage Repair and Stem Cell Biology

·      Genetic and Cellular Engineering

·      Stem Cell Engineering and Cartilage Regeneration

·      Health Aging Diagnostics

The CRPM team is committed to conducting high-impact science and earns major funding awards each year. In addition to its federal funding and industry grants, CRPM receives significant philanthropic funding each year, which is used to launch vital pilot studies and research programs, many of which include major university collaborators. The findings made from CRPM’s pilot studies are often used to develop major grant applications, including numerous trials awarded by federal agencies.

Alongside the other SPRI teams, CRPM is committed to conducting the highest impact team science, leveraging the expertise of the orthopaedic physicians at The Steadman Clinic and the strengths of the institute’s other scientific departments. CRPM’s key area of focus is to accelerate clinical translation and help scientific discoveries and proven treatments get to patients faster.