Andi Liebowitz
  • Department: Center for Regenerative Sports Medicine

Andi Liebowitz

Research Technician

Andi joined the Steadman Philippon Research Institute as a research technician in April 2015. She grew up in New York and Connecticut and received her degree from Dartmouth College in 2014 with a major in neuroscience and a minor in earth sciences. She completed an undergraduate honors thesis looking at the cellular basis of spatial navigation in the rat subicular complex. She developed an interest in medicine volunteering as an EMT during college and working and volunteering as a ski patroller for five years. She moved to Fort Collins after graduating in 2014 and worked as a veterinary assistant. She also worked at the National Wildlife Research Center on a variety of projects, including brucellosis in bison and avian influenza maternal immunity in ducks.

At SPRI, Andi works on a variety of projects, including work on aging, PRP, and the impact of stretching on stem cell properties. She is excited to be part of such a talented and passionate team, and looks forward to collaborating with others at SPRI and TSC to translate the results of CRSM’s bench research into applicable orthopedic practices.

In her free time, Andi enjoys running, hiking, biking, snowboarding, climbing, playing hockey, and spending time with her extraordinarily cute dog Gizmo.

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