Matthew Potter

Matthew Potter

Research Technician

Matthew joined the Steadman Philippon Research Institute as a research technician in February 2018. His current projects investigate Adipose Derived Stem Cells and their application in regenerative medicine, specifically better aging.  He is excited about the widespread potential this science offers on impacting age-related pathologies.

Matthew received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Outside of the classroom, he devoted his time to the sport of rowing, representing Georgia Tech as a varsity oarsman.  Upon graduating, he took a role as a design engineer in the nuclear utility industry.

Desiring a career path with hands-on application as well as opportunity to serve, Matthew left engineering to follow in his family’s military aviation footsteps.  When a musculoskeletal injury cut short his time at Officer Candidate School, a career in medicine presented itself as the natural fit he was looking for.

While he returned to university for one year to complete premedical studies, Matthew balanced work in an urban Atlanta emergency department. In addition, he also spent time in a musculoskeletal research group at Emory University investigating the osteogenic potential of RUNX1 protein in myeloid cells with respect to fracture repair.

Matthew is excited to continue his scientific training in regenerative medicine in Vail prior to ultimately matriculating to medical school. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys taking full advantage of all the outdoor recreation Colorado has to offer.

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