Ruth McCarrick Walmsley
  • Department: Center for Regenerative Sports Medicine
  • Languages: English

Ruth McCarrick Walmsley

Lab Operations Manager

Ruth McCarrick Walmsley joined CRSM team in September 2018 as the lab operations manager. Prior to joining SPRI she worked for many years at The University of Pennsylvania in a variety of departments, most recently the McKay Orthapaedic Research Labs working on preclinical studies of a rare genetic bone disorder known as FOP or Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. Her areas of expertise include Cell and Molecular Biology, Biobanking, and Stem Cell Culture. She moved to Colorado to be closer to her family and was delighted to find this unique research opportunity in beautiful Vail Valley. Outside of the lab, she loves to spend time in the outdoors doing anything from skiing (of course) to biking and camping. A long-time gardener and baker, she looks forward to applying her scientific skills to learning how to do both at 8000+feet.
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