Sabrina Gonzalez
  • Department: Center for Regenerative Sports Medicine, Center for Outcomes-Based Orthopaedic Research
  • Education: BS in Molecular and Cell Biology, East Carolina University

Sabrina Gonzalez

Research Technician

Sabrina Gonzalez is a new addition to the SPRI’s CRSM lab as of July 2017. The focus of her projects is to characterize autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP), investigate an efficient way to store PRP for future use, and to characterize and explore the use of adipose derive stem cells to better the aging process. She hopes that her research will contribute to clinical applications in orthopedic surgery and improve the quality of life for patients; as well as to understand the biological factors of PRP and how it can assist with the healing of bone, cartilage, and muscle regeneration.
Sabrina earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular and Cell Biology at East Carolina University (Go Pirates!). Sabrina was a collegiate Division I volleyball player and after her career, she decided to adopt a role in research. Under Dr. Eric Anderson, her undergrad research consisted of characterizing Microbacterium hydrocarbonoxydans, a potential Ferric Iron Uptake Regulator, which is known to degrade crude oil.
Upon graduating, Sabrina worked under Dr. Kori Brewer at The Brody School of Medicine, where she studied the neurophysiological aspects of spinal cord injuries in Long Evans rats, in hopes to clinically translate the study to patient spinal cord injuries. Dr. Brewer is studying how to halt peripheral afferent neuronal outgrowth onto the nociceptors in the ‘below region’ of a spinal cord injury.
Moving very far away from home, Sabrina may miss the salty air and the crashing waves of the beach, but she is extremely excited for the unlimited opportunities in Colorado. As she says, she will be trading in her bathing suit and surfboard, for a snow suit and a snowboard!
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