Katharine Wilson
  • Department: Imaging Research

Katharine Wilson,


Research Engineer, Consultant

Katharine was recruited to work at SPRI in July 2011 from Vancouver, Canada. She has a Master's in Mechanical Engineering, with a graduate thesis focused on imaging hip cartilage with a novel fluoroscopy technique. Katharine has a passion for integrating engineering design with evidence-based medicine and patient care, and particularly in how medical imaging can be used to improve surgical practices. Katharine has helped to publish papers in both the BioMed Engineering and Imaging Research departments at SPRI, from the torn rotator cuff to the PCL to the ankle peroneal tendons. She is now a consultant for the Imaging Research department, working with their expert team to produce high quality imaging research and advance the current medical imaging practices.

Outside of the office, Katharine is an avid skier and competes as an elite amateur off-road triathlete. This year she won the Xterra East Championships in Virginia, placed 2nd at the Xterra Canadian Championships, and 5th at the Xterra World Championships in Hawaii. Watch for her at the Xterra Mountain Championships in Vail, Colorado next summer!

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