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John Mitchell

John Mitchell

Research Technician

John Mitchell joined SPRI as a research technician in August 2019. In May of 2017 John earned his B.S. in Biology from the University of Arkansas. Upon graduating John worked for SynTech Research in Stilwell, Kansas as an assistant research scientist with SynTech’s Pollinator Risk Assessment Team. His research looked at the toxic effects of pesticides on honeybees and other pollinators. SynTech gave John valuable experience as a principle field investigator and conducted his research under GLP guidelines.  

After three seasons in Stilwell John accepted a research position with SPRI in the Center for Regenerative Sports Medicine and relocated to Eagle-Vail, Colorado. He considers this transition to be, “One of the best decisions of my twenties.” John conducts basic science research with the Healthy Aging Team on senotheraputics and is helping develop a diagnostic suite for more patient specific stem cell-based therapies.

When John is off the clock you can find him rock climbing, skiing, and enjoying long walks through the forest.
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