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Leslie B. Vidal

Leslie B. Vidal,


Faculty, Sports Medicine Fellowship

Dr. Leslie Vidal, an accomplished orthopaedic surgeon who practiced in the Denver metropolitan area for nearly two decades, joined the surgical team at The Steadman Clinic, August 1, 2019.

Dr. Vidal joins her husband, Dr. Armando Vidal, as members of The Steadman Clinic’s prestigious staff. Armando Vidal was added to the Clinic’s staff in May 2019.

Leslie Vidal’s appointment also gave The Steadman Clinic its first female orthopaedic surgeon.

Dr. Vidal comes to The Steadman Clinic from her private practice in Denver.  A Colorado native, she completed her undergraduate studies at Brown University in Providence, R.I., and then graduated from the Boston University School of Medicine. She served an internship at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City where her chief resident was Dr. Peter Millett, who now is a partner and shoulder, knee and elbow specialist at The Steadman Clinic.  It was also at HSS where Leslie met another young surgical intern -- her future husband, Armando Vidal.

Both Leslie and Armando moved on to serve Fellowships at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and they got married during that stay.  At UPMC, both trained under the supervision of The Steadman Clinic Managing Partner Dr. Marc J. Philippon, who was then the Director of Sports Medicine at the school.

Working in sports medicine has been a dream of Vidal’s since she was a grade school student.

“When I was about 11 years old, I was at a Broncos game with my Dad, and I saw the team doctor go out on the field when John Elway went down with an injury,” related Vidal. “I turned to my Dad — I was the skinny little 11-year old missing a couple of front teeth — and said ‘I think I want to be the Broncos’ team doctor when I grow up.’   My Dad and everyone in the south stands had a good chuckle at that.  For some reason that just kind of stuck with me as something that would be really fun to do — to go out and help athletes get back on their feet and be there for them throughout the whole process.

“Throughout college and med school, I focused on continuing my path to sports medicine.  And 20 to-30 years after that Bronco game with my Dad I was in practice with that same Broncos’ team physician that was working on Elway.”

Leslie and Armando have two sons and relocated from Denver to the Vail Valley in the summer of 2019.

Her clinical areas of interest are in arthroscopy of the shoulder, hip and knee, as well as shoulder arthroplasty.
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