International Research Scholar Program

Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) hosts international research scholars from all over the world to perform research alongside SPRI’s scientists and physicians from The Steadman Clinic. All of SPRI’s international scholars are MDs in their home countries, and many are pursuing a PhD. This year, two of SPRI’s scholars are MD, PhDs. The goal of the International Scholars Program is to teach international clinicians about the importance of evidence-based medicine and incorporating research into practice. When they return to their home countries, scholars will use the tools they learned in Vail. This year, SPRI is hosting scholars from Germany, Thailand and Japan.

SPRI’s international scholars are not only in Vail to learn, but they are also here to contribute to SPRI’s research. Many international scholars partner closely with physicians from The Steadman Clinic, helping to advance their research projects, publish papers and accelerate clinical translation. These scholars are integral members of the SPRI research team, and their status as clinicians provides a unique lens in the research they conduct at SPRI.

As funding is limited, it is highly recommended that international scholar candidates secure funding before requesting an international research position at SPRI. The role is non-clinical, and is focused on research only.

Application Process
  • Applications are now being accepted.
  • Mail OR email application with a cover letter, CV, photo and three letters of reference to:

Fellowship Coordinator
Steadman Philippon Research Institute
181 West Meadow Drive, Suite 1000
Vail, CO 81657