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New Fellow of the Steadman Clinic - Dr. Catherine Logan

Growing up in northern New Jersey, west of New York City, Dr. Catherine Logan relished the green spaces playing sports and enjoying the great outdoors. “We went to Shelter Island, New York in the summer, where we mostly rode bikes around the island, swam and went saltwater fishing. My parents are not in medicine, and I did not grow up with aspirations to be a physician.” So, what changed? After entering the Exercise Science program at Syracuse University through a scholarship program, Dr. Logan obtained her master’s degree in Phyiscal Therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University. “Early on, I developed great mentors in the referring Orthopaedic surgeons I worked with in Baltimore and Boston. I began shadowing them on days off and realized I wanted to pursue Orthopaedic Surgery training. I went back to school to complete prerequisites at night while I continued practicing PT in Boston. I practiced for seven years before entering a combined MD/MBA program at Tufts University School of Medicine. I then stayed in Boston for my residency training at the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program.”

While the field of orthopaedics is male dominated, Dr. Logan did not find this to be a deterrent. “There are obvious, inherent differences I encounter, but truthfully, it is not something that I affects my day to day. I have wonderful mentors, male and female, as well as exceptional co-fellows who share the common experience and passion for what we are being exposed to here at Steadman.” And as for advice for young women who are interested in pursuing orthopedic medicine? “I found it informative to observe multiple surgeons over time to determine the field was right for me. Acquiring multiple points of view is helpful in confirming the decision to pursue this avenue.”

Now a fellow of The Steadman Clinic and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute, Dr. Logan knew she wanted to be here because she believed it represents the best in the field and is unparalleled with regard to faculty, research and facilities. “I am grateful for the time I have to learn from them. My research interests center around post-surgical rehabilitation and the SPRI collaboration with Howard Head was unlike any surgeon-rehab partnership I saw around the country. The therapists are ahead of the curve and I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from them, as well. Lastly, the surgical skills lab truly allows us to fine-tune what we learn in the OR and adds an immeasurable benefit to our year here,” she remarked.

After her fellowship is complete, Dr. Logan plans on looking for a position at an academic institution. “I hope to hold an academic position with a research focus on validating post-operative rehab protocols. Personally, my husband and I have two young boys who are thriving in the outdoor life of the Vail Valley, and we hope to find a similarly active and healthy community for them.”

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