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Orthopaedic Research Scientists and Surgeons from The Steadman Philippon Research Institute Present their Findings at the 15th Annual ESSKA Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland

Orthopaedic surgeons and research scientists from the Steadman Philippon Research Institute in Vail, Colorado recently traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to attend the 15th Annual Congress Meeting for The European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA). The event, which took place May 2-5, 2012, is designated as one of the best worldwide scientific programs coordinated in the field of medicine. This year more than 18 instructional course lectures, 218 podium presentations, and more than 650 posters were presented.

ESSKA promotes education and research, and assembles leaders within the field to collaborate and share ideas associated with orthopaedic medical research and surgery. It has become a trusted umbrella organization with a growing number of members worldwide and affiliated societies.

Representatives from SPRI, including: William G. Rodkey, D.V.M., Chief Scientific Officer and Director of Basic Science Research; Karen K. Briggs, M.B.A., M.P.H., Director of Clinical Research; Marilee P. Horan, M.P.H., Coordinator of Upper Extremity Research; and Lauren M. Matheny, B. A., Coordinator of Lower Extremity Research attended and made several presentations during the meeting.

In addition, the following surgeons attended the meeting:

  • Dr. J. Richard Steadman, Founder and Managing Partner of The Steadman Clinic, as well as the Founder and Chairman of the Board for the Steadman Philippon Research Institute;
  • Dr. Marc Philippon, Managing Partner at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, and Director of Hip Research at The Steadman Philippon Research Institute;
  • Dr. Thomas Clanton, Executive Board Member for the Steadman Philippon Research Insitute and Director of Foot and Ankle Sports Medicine at the Steadman Clinic


During the 4-day event, SPRI contributed the following presentations, course lectures, and posters to attendees:


Battle: Arthroscopic treatment of a degenerative joint: To do or to avoid? – Kohn vs. Steadman


Use of the Lysholm Score to Document Function In Patients with Foot and Ankle Injuries

Lauren Matheny, Karen Briggs, Thomas Clanton


Prevalence of Hip Pathology In Asymptomatic Subjects; A Prospective Investigation Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Dr. Marc Philippon, Karen Briggs


Sport Participation Level in Patients with Hip Injuries

Dr. Marc Philippon, Karen Briggs


Does Kellgren-Lawrence Grade Correlate with Arthroscopic Findings in Knee

Karen Briggs, William Rodkey, J. Richard Steadman, Lauren Matheny


The Tegner Activity Scale Index as a Measure of Early Regained Activity Following Knee Arthroscopy

Karen Briggs, William Rodkey, J. Richard Steadman, Lauren Matheny


Comparison of Factors Associated with Early Osteoarthritis vs. Moderate To Severe Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

Karen Briggs, William Rodkey, J. Richard Steadman, Lauren Matheny


Outcomes and Survivorship at 10 Years Following Arthroscopic Treatment Package for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Karen Briggs, J. Richard Steadman, Lauren Matheny


For more information on the clinical research that was presented at the 15th Annual Congress Meeting for ESSKA, please visit http://sprivail.live.emedicalmedia.info/clinical-research orhttp://sprivail.live.emedicalmedia.info/research-reports/ for the latest research reports assembled.


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