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SPRI Hosts Science Behind Series Discussing Orthopaedic Research and Advancements in Sports Medicine

The “Science Behind” series at Walking Mountains Science Center continues on Wednesday, April 25th at 6:30pm with the “Science Behind Sports Medicine: Tears, Repairs and Reconstructions”. 

Dr. Coen Wijdicks, Director and Senior Staff Scientist of the Department of BioMedical Engineering at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI), will be on campus to provide an introduction to the field of BioMedical Engineering and to discuss the latest technology and orthopaedic research in sports medicine. 

Dr. Wijdicks will introduce some of the advanced technology currently being used at SPRI as well as specific research principles designed to keep people active.  Much of the ongoing research within the Department of BioMedical Engineering at SPRI is focused on optimizing surgical procedures – scientifically evaluating and refining them for better outcomes – as they pertain to individual joints.  Dr. Wijdicks and his colleagues are focused on what is referred to in the scientific community as "translational research," or more simply, creating a scientific foundation that can be integrated at the clinical level for treatments that improve patient outcomes.  During the presentation, emphasis will be on research that pertains to the development of new ligament repairs and reconstructions that aim to optimize the surgical repair of common sports medicine injuries.

The Science Behind series offers classes which are practical, timely, and teach enjoyable skills that have underlying scientific principles.  Each class provides a hands-on, interactive component with instruction from a local subject matter expert and a Walking Mountains educator.  Classes are held once a month at Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon. 

Next up in the series…
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If You Go…

When:  Wednesday, April 25th, 6:30pm
Where:  Walking Mountains Science Center
What:  The Science Behind Sports Medicine: Tears, Repairs and Reconstructions
Cost:  FREE
Space is limited, please call (970) 827-9725 to register

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