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Steadman Clinic & SPRI Doctors & Researchers "Reinspired" by Reuniting with Fellows

Since 1990, there have been over 230 fellows that have walked through the door of The Steadman Clinic for a world-class experience, helping to elevate their practice and improve their patient care. And once a year, the fellow alumni reunite for a lively cocktail party during the annual American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine’s conference. This year, more than 70 fellows--both past and present--joined The Steadman Clinic and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) doctors and researchers for a night to reconnect at the Searsucker restaurant in San Diego. “That was the vision when we started,” said Dr. William Rodkey, SPRI’s former chief scientific officer, as he took in the room. “We wanted a robust fellowship program at The Steadman Clinic and we’ve made it happen.”

“The nice thing is, it helps to reinspire us to be around our young fellows. It is a stimulus for us to stay constantly aware of what is new and what is on the cutting edge,” said Dr. Thomas Clanton, director of the foot and ankle fellowship program at The Steadman Clinic. “You have to be able to ask questions, to be able to learn and grow and keep yourself passionate about all of this work. Continuing your education is a part of that process,” he added. His protege, Dr. C. Thomas Haytmanek, Jr. who recently joined The Steadman Clinic, is one of the best trained foot and ankle specialists in the world. He completed his very own fellowship under the guidance of his mentor and now colleague, Dr. Clanton.

This sense of community was echoed by many in attendance at the event. “To get the opportunity to learn from these rock stars is unparalleled,” said international research scholar, Dr. Burak Altintas. “It was the best experience. They taught me how to handle people, how to do cutting edge research, how to approach problems with fresh perspectives. I am so happy to be a part of this family.” Dr. Altintas plans on heading to the University of Kentucky for another fellowship before making his way to New York to begin working with Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) for his final fellowship. Fellow Dr. Connor Ziegler of the 2017-18 class, will be moving to western Massachusetts to start his own private practice. “The experience at The Steadman Clinic took me from feeling anxious about my future to feeling very prepared. We see so much complexity and range of pathology that we are really prepared for it all. The doctors here all help to build your confidence and prepare you for your next step. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.” And with The Steadman Clinic fellowship under his belt, the future of our fellows, like Dr. Ziegler, looks bright!

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