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Steadman Philippon Research Institute selected to represent the United States as a global partner in the International Olympic Center for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health

VAIL – January 30, 2019 – Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) was recently selected by the International Olympic Committee to represent the United States as a partner in research for the Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health. In a renewal of the joint research venture that was originally formed in October 2017, SPRI is partnering with the United States Olympic Committee’s Sports Medicine Division and the University of Utah – which are part of the U.S. Coalition for the Prevention of Illness and Injury in Sport – for the landmark designation that was years in the making.

The IOC news release may be found here.

The coalition is a collaborative research effort to support the IOC’s goals regarding injury prevention and athlete protection for Olympians and Paralympians. The U.S. Coalition is one of 11 research centers across the world and the first research center of its kind in the United States.

“Being selected to represent the United States in this elite research collaborative is a tribute to the dedication and skill of our scientists, physicians and staff members,” said Dr. Marc Philippon, co-chair of SPRI and managing partner of The Steadman Clinic. “We have worked well with our partners at the USOC Sports Medicine Division and the University of Utah for the past year. As a group, we are dedicated to the same goal: preserving and protecting the health of athletes around the world. This includes Team USA and other countries that don’t necessarily have the research capabilities represented by the coalition.”

Dan Drawbaugh, CEO of SPRI and The Steadman Clinic, added, “The global partnership has already made a significant impact and the IOC’s long-term commitment to injury prevention research gives us the opportunity to deliver major advancements that benefit the health and well-being of athletes around the globe. In Vail, we have the unique advantage of being able to quickly transfer SPRI’s discoveries in the lab directly to our patients in The Steadman Clinic, for both Olympic and recreational athletes.”

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