U.S. Ski Team Members Tour The Steadman Philippon Research Institute

Restoring normal motion is one of the primary goals of any surgery performed at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado.  Bio-motion and bio-mechanics play a big part in an athlete’s ability to perform effectively. It’s why the Steadman Philippon Research Institute has two separate labs under its roof dedicated to both pre- and post-surgical evaluations of motion. Recently, three U.S. Ski Team members got the chance to see this extraordinary work for themselves during a tour of SPRI’s research facilities. Tim Jitloff, Tommy Ford and Tucker Perkins were taken on an insider's tour of the bio-motion and bio-mechanical testing laboratories where they got to test and see the research equipment, get a better understanding of the tools used, and how each system serves a distinct purpose in helping an athlete sustain their peak level of performance following an injury.  Some highlights of their visit included watching a skier's simulated motion via a 10-camera motion-capture system, and meeting Rosie, one of the Institutes robot that plays a big role in the testing of joints.

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