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Vail Scientific Summit 2017 - Interview Videos

The Vail Scientifc Summit concluded over the weekend and was a huge success.  The event coverage was thorough and below you can see the interviews for Dr. Marc Philippon, Dr. Bill Moreau, Dr. John Cooke, Dr. Peter Millett, Vonda Wright, singer John Vincent, Dr. Joel Matta, Dr. Farshid Guilak, Dr. Richard Lieber, Dr. Laura Niedernhofer and Dr. Paul Robbins, ballerina Soraya Schulthess, Matt Allen, Tamara Alliston and Samuel Stupp.


Dr. Marc Philippon of the Steadman Philippon Research Institute


Dr. Bill Moreau of the United State Olympic Committee


Dr. John Cooke of the Houston Methodist Research Institute


Dr. Peter Millett of The Steadman Clinic


Vonda Wright from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


Singer John Vincent, who performed during the closing party


Dr. Joel Matta of the Steadman Clinic


Dr. Farshid Guilak from Washington University in St. Louis


Dr. Richard Lieber from Northwestern University


Dr. Laura Niedernhofer and Dr. Paul Robbins from the Scripps Research Institute


Matt Allen from the University of Cambridge


Tamara Alliston from the University of California- San Francisco


Samuel Stupp from Northwestern University


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